Who We Are

What does it mean to be a victor? Being a victor means being victorious in all areas of your life. It means fulfilling the purpose you’ve been put on this earth for. As a church, we will journey with you in discovering your domain, teaching you the ways to have dominion over it. We pray for you to become a successful member of the Christian race, receiving the crown of glory and being able to spend eternity with Jesus. May the Lord God be forever present in your life and in the lives of your family. Our Church has been given a deep revelation of the Word.

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Pastor’s Message

You have been led to our website for a reason, and for that, we are incredibly grateful to the Lord, and to you, for heeding His direction. We aim to partner with you to make this world a better place for the Christian race, and for our poor and underprivileged brothers and sisters. Through the Word of God, which is the Bible, we commit ourselves to make victors out of every individual, so you may live wonderful, purposeful lives all for Jesus.

Welcome to Victory Church Richmond

Our Ministries

Our Church is committed to a variety of causes including food distribution, our Victory Church clinic, and so much more. We are dedicated to guiding men, women, and children to become victors during their life on earth and thereafter.

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Our Heavenly Father loves children. We are all His sons and daughters. At an early age, children in the ministry are taught the Word of God with the hope that it guides them through the years as they grow.

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The VictoryWoman

God designed women to be resilient, powerful, and gentle all at the same time. A woman’s role is valuable in the family, the church, and the community.

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Men are fathers, sons, and brothers. We value the role of men in our community. They are an inspiration for our youth and they are the leaders forging the growth of our church.

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Latest Sermon

Stay updated with our latest sermons. We’ve provided links to full videos so you can always access guidance when you need it. Please feel free to view our sermons below.

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    The Manifestation of the Sons of God Message from victorychurch. June 18, 2019. Category: Single Messages

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Upcoming Events

Our church has many amazing events in store for you. Don’t hesitate to view our full calendar and prepare yourselves for the events ahead.

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Monthly Prayer Meeting

04 July

09 August

13 September

@Victory Church

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Women's Program

06 July

@Victory Church

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Make A Difference

20 July

17 August

21 September

@Victory Church

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Friendship Sunday

04 August

19 October

@Victory Church

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