At Our Victory Church, Everyone Is Considered Family
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Victory Church Richmond would like to begin with a prayer: “We wholeheartedly pray for your victory in all areas of life. May you fulfill the purpose you’ve been placed on this world for, discover your domain, and have dominion over it. More than anything else, we pray for the success of the Christian race, and your success as a Christian. May you be rewarded with the crown of glory and be able to spend eternity with Christ Jesus. We pray that the Lord God be forever present in your life and you be forever guided by the Word, the Bible.”

Victory Church Richmond came to existence because of the great desire to transform the people into victors. We aim to unite the Christian race as one church throughout the entire world.

Our Beliefs

We strongly desire to be a church of all nations. We pray that God will use us as the instrument to impart His Word across all communities. We believe that the Bible is God’s Word and that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. No one is able to come to the Father but through Jesus, His son.

Our History

Victory Church Richmond was established by Tunde Otinwa in the year 2017 with only a few families. The name victory is popular among many churches across the globe, but the reason we adopted that name is much more profound. We chose victory because of God’s revelation to us – that we will lead His people to victory. Our church is currently headquartered in Richmond, near Sugarland and Katy. We have been growing steadily and surely throughout the years, increasing in numbers and believers. We have been blessed with dedicated and passionate members to further advance the work that God has assigned to us. We have utilized the social media channel YouTube as a means to spread God’s messages through our sermons. Please feel free to request for CDs of our sermons.

Our church is simply not of one nation, but of all the nations of the world. We believe in a multicultural church as God champions for diversity.

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About Pastor Tunde

Pastor Tunde received his calling to minister to the people back in 2004. His passion and dedication to God’s work remain until today. He has been blessed with the gift of mentoring, and people listen to what he has to say with their whole hearts. Pastor Tunde is committed to teaching and discipleship, as is evidenced by his favorite Bible passages in Matthew Chapter 25, which told stories about Jesus teaching the people lessons about the Kingdom of God. By the pastor’s side is his chief co-laborer, Minister Chinwe Otinwa, who is active in various departments of our church. Pastor Tunde’s ultimate goal is to be God’s tool in raising awareness about the Kingdom and increasing the number of heaven-focused pilgrims. He is also a firm believer of destiny and purpose and extensively preaches on both matters during his sermons.

Our Vision

At Victory Church Richmond, our vision is E-TIME:

Victory Church Richmond, Texas. It is our desire that we will indeed be a church of all nations. We hope that God will use us to impact our local community. We know that the Bible is the word of God. We believe that Jesus is the only way to the father.

To know more about our church, don’t hesitate to call us at 713-732-4677.